Vibez Single Release

TBC’s latest and first official release has been on 31.10.18, on the night of Halloween or rather the so called day of the spirits, in order to honour our ancestors, who these dates have been important to. “In Latin-America it is said that the spirits come down to earth somewhere around the 31–2 and so do some of the Eastern Europeans celebrate these days by visiting the graves and remembering their loved ones.”
The song has been released on all streaming platforms, including Youtube, with an accompanying video. The song draws from our favourite principle of structure cognition.
“Decoding universal concepts, empirically, through carnal, personal experiences, showing our home and intricate surroundings”, such as a bath next to healing plants like aloe vera and candles, as well as performing on and around the desk in our music home-studio. “We used a visual feedback feature, a beamer replicating the live-recorded sequences, projecting it back onto the ritual dance, producing an endless loop effect, dancing with one- self, finding strength and comfort with and within oneself.“


The ‘Vibez’ – Single release contains 2 tracks. 
“The original version and its reversed counterpart. An exact mirror, revealing new details to the listener, containing some hidden phrases to discover only for the attentive. This mirroring also creates a circular mode of listening, indicating our intention to present time in a circular, instead of linear manner, where everything has a beginning and an end.” Such idea of time derives from occult reasonings and may be translated into secular realms through art. TBC always cares for their projects to carry some sort of not necessarily esoteric, however earthly magical energy. “For some listeners the song might be a mere musical piece, to us it’s a true piece of active, magical poetry, a spell to lighten up the times of solitude in crisis-town.”
This piece was purely about listening to oneself, meditation on the wishes, healing rituals and a fight against the mundanity and loss of values, ever so present in contemporary music releases, promoting self harm and destruction of young psyche, manipulation into consumerism and irrational principles. “We see music as a medium which speaks to the masses and so are celebrities, pop stars and divas the deities of our generation in a world which doesn’t believe in any sacrality. We ought to slip into these deities shoes, appropriate their strategies and mannerisms and soften them up. Load the genres so full of harmful and bad poetry and subvert them.”