Temporary Con as presented at Kunstpause Zug, 7th of June 2019.

‘Temporary Con’ (2019) is a series of wall-pieces by TBC, of playfully juxtaposed words, with a focus on a deconstruction of the art world’s most loved/detested word ‘contemporary’, questioning its relevance through its own anagrams.

P.ex: Read in a square: ’Temporary Con’ or ’Toy/Erc(Easily recognizable code or Error Recovery Control)/Mao(jacket or suit of a plain style with a mandarin collar, associated with communist China)/Prn (pro re nata – as circumstances require).

Some words or phrases used and overused in artistic jargon, become sigils, signifying little, making up for the art works repetitive abstraction and triteness. Spread colloquially, even pleasantly, seemingly evolving into umbrella terms, doing splits and getting a tendon strained. In such cases, where meaning implodes between termini, TBC searched visual substitutes of the phenomena, as an allegory of the mechanism.

These pieces present a visualisation of what might happen/is happening to art as it continues to be enclosed and corrupted by instances of power and commodifying structures. Produced in a color scheme according to their backgrounds (mostly white – because of the white walls of galleries), blending in, hiding in plain sight only deferrable through their textures. The materials chosen for the pieces are soft, synthetic fur or sleek vinyl leather or latex, fetishised mate-rials of guilty pleasures often used in pretentious conceptual pieces on the verge of becoming a pompous wall decoration. With these pieces TBC seeks to celebrate, but also question these decorative qualities.

What does it mean for an artwork to be ‘contemporary’ anyway? To be ‘with the time’? Why the need for bombast surrounding pro- duction of culture and exclusions imposed by it? By playing around with the letters we were able to find countless intriguing new meanings, offering new insight into the word itself.

Of course TBC won’t stop at the word ‘contemporary’. This project will continue, while more snobistic terms will be taken under the looking glass, dissected and their hidden contraptions revealed. 

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