Louvre Liquidation (-90% Museum)

Exhibition/Curation/Artistic Contribution 15.–20.11.18


Roman Selim Khereddine, Luca Caluori, Moira Ratmoko, Notta Caflisch, Naum Hirsl, Saskia Sutter, Yamu Wang, Isabell Bullerschen & Félicia Eisenring, Dalit Arnold, Lourenco Penaguaio Soares, Orson Egloff, Lennart Missinne, Jana Eberhard, Bene Andrist, Noah Engweiler, Raphael Kleindienst, Balca Ergener, Sonja Berta, Tereza Glazova, Veru Loremipsum & LS Grave, Brigitta Zuberi, Elza Sile, Nico Sebastian Meyer, Lark Ring, Axel Crettenand, Andre Veigas Pereira, Stefano Benini, Elena Hohl, Gianfranco Maranto, Gjin Paloka, Jasmine Gregory, Sergio Araya & Angela Osterwalder, Hannah Parr, Giulia Rossini, Alina Kopytsa, Ilona Stutz

In a humorous approach of re- utilising the micro-space made avail- able to RETA on demand some years ago, this time instead of asking our artists to adjust the content/amount of pieces to fit the tiny room(ca.16m2), we called for a 90% size reduction(16x16x16cm). 

The exhibition took form of a grotesque, oversaturated group show balancing between kitsch and sophistication. Conquering the institutional 
limitations, as well as playing around with the ‚rules‘ of the whitecube / gallery / museum aesthetics . Carefully tip toeing away from the omnipresent #minimalism , giving in to the precalculated dialogue between the multitude of voices within the space. The exhibition presented RETA to new students on the MFA info-day, including 36 artistic positions, residing in a subtile, diologue emerging be- tween the pieces.