Louvre Liquidation (-90% Museum)

Exhibition/Curation/Artistic Contribution 15.–20.11.18


Roman Selim Khereddine, Luca Caluori, Moira Ratmoko, Notta Caflisch, Naum Hirsl, Saskia Sutter, Yamu Wang, Isabell Bullerschen & Félicia Eisenring, Dalit Arnold, Lourenco Penaguaio Soares, Orson Egloff, Lennart Missinne, Jana Eberhard, Bene Andrist, Noah Engweiler, Raphael Kleindienst, Balca Ergener, Sonja Berta, Tereza Glazova, Veru Loremipsum & LS Grave, Brigitta Zuberi, Elza Sile, Nico Sebastian Meyer, Lark Ring, Axel Crettenand, Andre Veigas Pereira, Stefano Benini, Elena Hohl, Gianfranco Maranto, Gjin Paloka, Jasmine Gregory, Sergio Araya & Angela Osterwalder, Hannah Parr, Giulia Rossini, Alina Kopytsa, Ilona Stutz

In a humorous approach of reutilising the micro-space made available to RETA on demand some years ago, this time instead of asking our artists to adjust the content/amount of pieces to fit the tiny room(ca.16m2), we called for a 90% size reduction(16x16x16cm). 

The exhibition took form of a grotesque, oversaturated group show balancing between kitsch and sophistication. Conquering the institutional 
limitations, as well as playing around with the ‚rules‘ of the whitecube / gallery / museum aesthetics. Carefully tip toeing away from the omnipresent minimalism, giving in to the precalculated dialogue between the multitude of voices within the space. The exhibition presented RETA to new students on the MFA info-day, including 36 artistic positions, residing in a subtile, dialogue emerging between the pieces.