Intro/Out of Akrasia

Intro/ Out of Akrasia was an exhibition created and curated by TBC, serving as an intro into their artistic positioning, a fight against the weakness of will, and a research on how it can be weakened by abuse of verbal manipulation, privilege, anxiety, identity conflicts or informational overload. The installation displays a whole array of projects, mingling with the subjects but never offering a direct answer. It originated out of the idea of utilising the figure of the sacred clown conceptually, making use of heyokaesque tactics as a mode of standing up against subversion of mariginal groups and common terror in day to day life. Turning contradictions into personal power, offering coping mechanisms, proposing a lifestyle, with humor being the gun aiming at power structures and the pressures of our fast age.

The exhibition included 80 songs and musical, poetical compositions by TBC, some of which have also been performed live on the opening night. The visitors were encouraged to “Leave a Sign” in a purple book on a pedestal upon entry. A letter directed towards the cleaning team of the space has been placed on the table, for they have removed a part of the exhibition(sculptural interventions of the visitors and party residue from the opening) confusing it for garbage. The light in the room has been chosen as natural during the day, morphing into a colorful get-away towards the evening. The artists hid many little statements all over the room, some of which only to be discovered by the most attent visitors.

The exhibition has been opened by a performative intervention, taking on a “musical” form, implementing the concepts of the grotesque body and drone, as well as pop and rave music scene elements, demanding interaction from the public, not only by removing the invisible border between the audience and the performers, but also by directly requesting physical action. The vernissage collided with the birthday of Veru Loremipsum. During the performance, 20 minutes into the show a work named “Piece of Me” has been introduced into the crowd. A homemade cake including photos documenting the artists’ identity research since their teens. A grand collective celebration followed.