Solo Show Doc Update

Celebration Of Decoration

chpt.1: Pseudo Realism

Staged Act* + Humble Light Show
+ Pop Up by @couture_brut

*In PR dictionary a Staged Act is what is commonly understood and in our case formally known as “performance”.  We renounce the term of ‘performance’ for it’s second, unfavourable, homonymous interpretation – efficiency (which TBC doesn’t associate with), in order to create a less conditioned, pre-established blank, expectation-less space for action. This term may be revoked in favour of a more suitable one in the future.

TBC Pop Core Gig+ Pop Up by @couture_brut

Celebration of Decoration, Pseudo-Realism, Staged Act

Exhibition Guide 4 those in need:

The exhibition took place in September 2019 in a form of a full room audio-visual installation, consisting of:

  • 7 medium/large sized Pseudo-Realist paintings
  • 8 RGB Light Straps for the Light Show
  • 6 triangular paintings representing different opinions and personas indirectly commenting on the CoD, as well as common Art World jibber-jabber
  • 4 Wall Pieces from the series Temporary Con
  • Poster stand by LS Grave Photography which TBC like to include in each of their full room Exhibitions
  • Consumer Surveys on a primary colored stand posing questions about the show for the visitors to fill out
  • Pseudo-Beer tower with a possibility of acquiring one
  • 1 Pink dotted elephant representing a collector’s hallucination
  • A Physical Floor Plan in the form of a Directional Roadsign
  • “Wine Not?” sign alluding to the wine served at Vernissages and playing around with meaninglessness of general artistic efforts, with a depressing or freeing conclusion – at the end, it all comes down to drinking wine with the “right” people
  • Pop Up Store by Couture Brut
  • Poster encouraging the Viewer to manipulate a Photo of the paintings through Instagram in order to insert one’s own face into the Painting under #PseudoMe
  • A Welcome Banner calling for CoD
  • Stage used for the Opening Performance as well as the final TBC Pop Core Gig.

You may choose to ignore the text below if you’re headache-prone!

Pseudo Realism is the first chapter and a term that the duo introduces in the series of CoD – Celebration of Decoration fka Call of Duty. The choice of the term was a conscious decision. TBC intend to create a dictionary of new constructs & terms aiding the viewers vision or simply said polish the ideas which are already in the room. Just like the elephant. If you see it you might have taken the “Wine not?” sign a little too seriously. *wink wink*

TBC reveal themselves as sophisticated interior decorateurs of sorts and attempt to ceremonialize and toast to the fact that modest contemporary art is currently on a sweet hiatus, oversea holiday and its return is yet to be announced. Meanwhile this is not synonymous with the fact that by coming to @THEOFF.SPACE you will not see art, but rather the fact that the duo skips around terminal pitfalls. For that purpose Pseudo-Realism was born and from there a whole array of Pseudo-Disciplines, Pseudo-Fashion, Pseudo-Jazz-Punk, Pseudo-Friends, Pseudo-Beer, which you can acquire in the exhibition alongside many goodies… but not so fast. Let’s seriously contemplate the silliness of this seriosity and arise in acquiescence.

If asked for the meaning of this particular Realism, TBC rather answers; what is PSEUDO? Experience PR and find out! This acronym is not accidental, cause who doesn’t love a good Public Relation stunt these days. One may feel conflicted by the intentions of TBC but let us not overthink, simply imaginarily highlight the relational part and dig in on the tasty cold drank.

TBC likes to fill their lives with contradictions of multiple personalities at play, unafraid to fall into the traps they set out for themselves or their visitors. Celebration Of Decoration is a simultaneous subversion and glorification of the constructs surrounding them in their so called Pseudo-Carreers. And pseudo is a perfect experiment with heady duality. Pseudo and it’s sister, the cringy term, reality are forever in a dervish-like dance not letting go of one another. They complete each other. Just like the artists themselves. Whether it’s combining forces by sharing canvases and creating a new dimension within them – 4 hands 1 painting, or rearranging the letters of non-words like ‘contemporary’ as in the series ‘Temporary Con’, TBC permanently continue to dissect their temporalities one step at a time. Their performance: Comments on Comments for Multiple Guidance Take Over – Messterpiece on the day of the Finissage complemented the installation ad absurdum. Soon the video documentation of the Performance will be made available here on this Page.