Celebration Of Decoration Announcement

Celebration Of Decoration
Part 1: Pseudo-Realism

TBC aka The Bad Conscience is an artist duo/collective by Veru Loremipsum & LS Grave, creative allrounders, presently enrolled in MFA in Zurich. TBC work cross-disciplinary, in the audio-visual sphere, between graspable n ephemeral realms, when possible building full-room environments.


Pseudo-Realism is the first chapter in the series of Celebration of Decoration. TBC reveal themselves as sophisticated interior decorateurs of sorts and attempt to ceremonialize and toast to the fact that modest contemporary art is currently on a sweet hiatus, oversea holiday and its return is yet to be announced. Meanwhile this is not synonymous with the fact that by coming to @THEOFF.SPACE you will not see art, but rather the fact that the duo skips around terminal pitfalls. For that purpose Pseudo-Realism was born and from there a whole array of Pseudo-Disciplines, Pseudo-Fashion, Pseudo-Jazz-Punk, Pseudo-Friends, Pseudo Cars.. but not so fast. Let’s seriously contemplate the silliness of this seriosity and arise in acquiescence. If asked for the meaning of this particular Realism, TBC rather answers; what is PSEUDO? Experience PR and find out!

Vernissage + Staged Act* + Humble Light Show + Surprises
+ Pop Up by @couture_brut

*In PR dictionary a Staged Act is what is commonly understood and in our case formally known as “performance”. We renounce the term of ‘performance’ for it’s second, unfavourable, homonymous interpretation – efficiency (which TBC doesn’t associate with), in order to create a less conditioned, pre-established blank, expectation-less space for action. This term may be revoked in favour of a more suitable one in the future.

Finissage + Possible Pop Core Gig