After a steamy romance with acoustic-trash-art-rock as spoken by a festival review some years ago, the audio-visually-rooted, conceptual act/duo The Bad Conscience emerged out of a rusty, tin foil covered cellar and emerged with new electronic sound. The band was launched by the Slav-Latinx poet & healer and what more Veru Loremipsum & sensually tough, Canadian virtuoso, mocking jay LS Grave playing most of the instruments in the band including your nerves, all somewhere in 2013.

TBC produce and mix their tracks, sew costumes, make visuals for their performances all by themselves in order to provide the public with a unique and wholesome vision.

Content-wise they draw inspiration from the cultural impulses of their surroundings, reactionarily borrowing from the world of pop / edm / alternative / trip-trap and everything else that most might think is crap. They place a strong emphasis on the meaning of word and thought as well as the delivery, where philosophical and magical ideas flow in and melt to inform the wider public on issues of contemporary relevance. TBC music is hard to place into a specific genre, easier described by their ideological slogan:

Punk in thought, Pop Core in heart.

New Releases are on the way soon. Stay patient, get surprised.